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    Ballo Tiepolo®

    Ballo Tiepolo®

    The Venice Carnival’s exuberance and period flair find a perfect summation in the lavish Ballo Tiepolo. Located at the marvellous Palazzo Pisani Moretta right on the Grand Canal, this masked ball, dinner, show and dance all-in-one event offers its exclusive guests a complete immersion into the lifestyle of the Venetian nobility of old. Enjoy a menu put together by a Michelin-star chef, learn how to dance like it’s Baroque time again, and get into the decadence and luxury of old Venice, all the while donning a spectacular period costume. After numerous successful editions, the Tiepolo Ball is coming back once more to deliver an outstanding experience!

    One of the defining characteristics of this particular masked ball is the attention to detail and the complete dedication to the 18th century Venetian concept. You arrive in your period carnival costume at the magnificent Palazzo Pisani Moretta at 8 pm to catch the delectable welcome aperitif. At 8:30 pm, you head upstairs into the noble floor that used to be strictly off-limits for commoners. You notice candles are the only source of light throughout the dining area. They imbue the location with warmth and softness that create an unmatched baroque atmosphere. The luxurious seated dinner commences with meat, fish or vegetarian dishes paired with some of the best Italian wines. Throughout the extended mealtime, an orchestra, opera singers, dancers and other performers provide high-class entertainment with some of the best examples of early classical music. As they move from hall to hall, it is easy to lose yourself in this Venetian celebration.

    At 11 pm, your hunger for refined dishes and supreme entertainment satisfied, it is time to head downstairs and get your feet moving to the steps of the 18th century’s most popular dances. Under expert guidance, you get to sway across the palazzo’s aristocratic halls and live out a time-travelling fantasy. During the short breaks, you can enjoy Italian sweets, chocolate and Prosecco wine that will inspire you to keep going until closing time at 1:30 am. Among the traditional Venetian masked balls of the carnival season, Ballo Tiepolo stands out with added authenticity and supreme service that all but guarantee entertainment and satisfaction.

    image Baile Tiepolo / C.C.I.