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Sweet Valentine

Sweet Valentine

Venice is for lovers, and Sweet Valentine proves it. The special event takes place at Dandolo Palace’s historical Ridotto Hall, now part of the Monaco & Grand Canal Hotel. It invites lovers on a journey back to Baroque times when Venice’s notables engaged in luxurious and exquisite festivities in their exclusive circles. Grab a period costume, pucker up, and get ready for an evening of music, dance, and chocolate – the holy trinity of St Valentine’s Day for centuries, wrapped into one remarkable event that is quintessential Venice Carnival. Chocolate will be flowing, live music will be playing, and a pair of dance instructors will direct you, so that you can quickly learn the steps and do the moves that fuelled the party during the 17th and 18th centuries.

To join Sweet Valentine, you simply need to show up in a historically appropriate costume. You do not have to bring a plus-one, and you do not need to know the minuet or the gavotte – this will be taken care of! The traditional sweets of the Venice Carnival and plentiful hot chocolate make sure your mood (and your energy level!) is up. An ensemble of Baroque musicians in costumes deliver additional authenticity to the event, and the dance lessons feel natural and exciting. Immersing yourself in the atmosphere of Venice in its heyday almost immediately gets your feet moving and your heart beating a little bit faster. Let the carnival magic in!

The Ridotto Halls of the former Palazzo Dandolo near the Grand Canal adds the final festive touch to Sweet Valentine. It is a location like no other and takes its name from the public gaming rooms originating in the 17th century. This one happens to be the very first ‘ridotto’ in Venice, and the atmosphere of risk, reward, and the tickling sensation they produce still lingers here. So come taste the delectable Sweet Valentine in the heart of Venice during carnival season – you will not be disappointed!