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    Official Dinner Show and Ball

    Official Dinner Show and Ball

    For the many colourful crowds who make the Venice Carnival a success year after year, the Official Dinner Show and Ball is a highlight of epic proportions. With an annual theme, the event combines fabulous Italian cuisine with the lavishness of carnival garb and the improvisatory talents of performers from around the world. Housed at the impressive Palazzo Ca’ Vendramin Calergi on the Grand Canal, the Official Dinner Show is guaranteed to be a feast for the eyes, ears and palate all at once.

    The beautiful and stylish palazzo is a dream location for any event, but its unique atmosphere fits the show and ball’s sensibilities perfectly. Guests in attendance can show off their best Venetian dress and soak in the centuries of regal history in each of the palace’s many stunning halls. The carefully curated theme of the Dinner Show and Ball resonates with the palazzo’s characteristics in order to create a uniquely impressive experience for everyone in attendance.

    The artistic programme of the night rests on the shoulders of an international cast of performers well versed in the musical, dance and theatrical arts. In perfect harmony with this year’s main theme, the on-stage talent will concoct a mad cocktail of thrilling displays that walk a fine line between predetermined and improvised action. The end result is a wondrous, eclectic mix that is bound to leave you with unforgettable moments in the heart of Venice.

    The Official Dinner Show and Ball would not be what it is without its delightful culinary portion. A five-course dinner fit for Italian kings includes starters, first course with second helpings, a second course and dessert. Traditional meat and fish dishes as well as vegetarian and vegan options are available to satisfy every taste. Fine Italian wines make the joy complete. At Palazzo Ca’ Vendramin Calergi on Canal Grande, delectable meals and thrilling performances make the Dinner Show a high point in the Venice Carnival experience.