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Hotel Danieli

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  • 15.02.2021 Mon



Minuetto is the ideal opportunity to take on the role of Venetian nobility for a night. It is a thrilling masked ball with a lavish dinner, a musical programme and a dance party all rolled into one. It is also fairly exclusive – no more than 100 people get the chance to celebrate the Venice Carnival at Hotel Danieli’s lovely Marco Polo Hall. As you move across the impressive venue, clad in your carefully selected carnival period costume, you will find yourself effortlessly slipping into the role of an old-time aristocrat. Embrace the carefree and luxurious way of the Venetian nobility and join Minuetto for an authentic carnival experience!

The evening begins at 8 pm when the Marco Polo Hall of Hotel Danieli’s modern wing opens its doors for the masked and costumed guests of honour. A delicious four-course menu awaits you, with a choice of a meat, fish or vegetarian variant. Professionally curated wine pairings accompany each choice, of course, to make the luxury and pleasure full. The evening’s entertainment commences along with the first dinner course. A baroque instrumental ensemble, an opera singer and dancers bring the festive hall to life with the period’s typical songs and dances. As the hours go by and your appetite is sated, it is your turn to join the party.


With the help of the performers, you will get acquainted with the steps and moves of the popular dances of the 18th and 19th centuries. As Minuetto comes to a close at midnight, you can count the many ways in which it helped you travel back in time and get a taste of Venetian luxury and decadence from three-hundred years ago. The delectable food, the sweet music, the exciting dance routines – all these experiences in the heart of Venice, a dash away from Piazza San Marco, will leave a mark in your mind and in your heart.