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Minuetto 1800

Minuetto 1800

Minuetto 1800 – a four-course sit-down dinner, aperitivo to kick it off and music and dance to follow it – is a brilliant way to get a taste of the good life during the Venice Carnival. All you need to do is don your obligatory period costume, powder your wig (if you choose to wear one), and head over to the opulent Ridotto Hall of the former Dandolo Palace, nowadays the Monaco & Grand Canal Hotel, for a night of culinary, musical, and dance delight. With its auspicious location on the Grand Canal and its elegance and style, the venue is a true gem and sets the stage for a classic, intimate, and memorable Venetian evening.

To kick off Minuetto 1800 the right way, your hosts at Ridotto Hall open the night with an aperitivo. Aside from prosecco and a Bellini cocktail, you can enjoy a selection of soft drinks as well as a handful of baked bites and creative finger food. For the sit-down dinner, you can choose between a vegetarian, meat or fish menu with four delicious courses. A selection of regional wines and mineral water ensure you will not stay dry.

Apart from delicious food, Minuetto 1800 has more in store. To live up to its name, it features live music by instrumentalists in period-appropriate garb and a host of traditional dances. This is the moment for you to get up and show your carnival moves! With the expert guidance of seasoned instructors, you will quickly get into the steps of the old-time dance routines and party like it is the 1800’s again. What better opportunity is there to do a little bit of time travelling and rediscover the lavish ways of the Venetian aristocracy? Minuetto 1800 at Ridotto Hall of the beautiful Dandolo Palace on Canal Grande in Venice beckons you to indulge all your senses in a special carnival experience.