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    Grand Ball La Fenice

    Grand Ball La Fenice

    Gran Teatro La Fenice once again opens its doors to welcome you to a unique event in the framework of the famed Venice Carnival. The beloved opera house hosts the Grand Ball La Fenice, a fantastic opportunity to show your creativity through fine baroque outfits, impressive masks and dances from the opulent and lavish 18th century. A delicious sit-down dinner prepared by a Michelin star chef and a varied musical and dance programme set the mood right and bring you into the ball’s special atmosphere effortlessly.

    Situated in Venice’s historical San Marco district, Gran Teatro La Fenice is a cultural institution that needs no introduction. The Gran Ballo La Fenice takes place in its famous Apollonian Halls. For the dinner, you can choose between seats at the Main Ballroom, the Ammannati or the Sinopoli Halls. The masked ball’s doors open at 8:45 pm, and a mood-setting welcome aperitif follows quickly at 9 pm.

    After you have explored the grand ball’s grounds, you are invited to take your booked seat and dinner can start. As you enjoy your chosen menu of meat, fish or vegetarian dishes, the evening’s entertainment begins. Musicians and dancers, clad in exquisite costumes, put on a classic baroque show of instrumentals, songs, arias and dances that ring back to the best days of Italian aristocracy.

    Once the dinner and the show programme come to an end around 11:30 pm, it is your turn to take the dance floor. Under the expert guidance of the performers, you can learn a range of popular period dances like the galop, the minuet, the contradance and the waltz. As you sway and whirl through the regal Main Ballroom of the Gran Teatro La Fenice, you are completely immersed in the culture and atmosphere of the opulent, aristocratic Venice of the 18th century. To make the enjoyment complete, special carnival sweets and bubbly Prosecco wine are available to help you keep your energy high until 1:30 am as you dance the Carnival night away.

    image The Venice Opera House - Gran Teatro La Fenice / Fondazione Teatro La Fenice, Michele Crosera