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Carnival Extravaganza

Carnival Extravaganza

Powdered wigs, rich costumes, a resplendent Italian dinner menu, live music courtesy of an orchestra and soloists, and dancing till after midnight – the Carnival Extravaganza embodies the spirit of the Venice Carnival. This classic dinner and show’s pleasures represent the annual carnival’s philosophy and offerings beautifully. Where else could you experience a masked ball, a delectable sit-down dinner, and an 18th-century dance party all rolled into one? So treat yourself and dive into the unique Venetian atmosphere of the Carnival Extravaganza!

The joy begins already before the Extravaganza itself, namely with putting your costume together. The dress code calls for period carnival costumes to get you into the right mood. The doors open at 7:50 pm and lead you to an exquisite welcome aperitif in the opulent Ridotto Hall of the Palazzo Dandolo. As you sip your drink, you can take in the regal setting and marvel at the other guests’ creative outfits. Surrounded by countesses and Casanovas, at 8:30 pm you head to your seat at the table to enjoy a delectable menu of four courses, with meat or vegetarian options. Each course is accompanied by carefully selected regional wines to ensure perfect pairings and complete culinary bliss.

While you enjoy the menu of your choice, a live orchestra and soloists get the party going with a variety of musical performances. Arias, songs, instrumental pieces and fantasies bring the atmosphere of the old times to life and get you in the mood to dance. Starting at 11:30 pm, experienced dancers take you by the hand to teach you the intricate steps of many of the olden days’ most popular dances. Quadrilles, minuets and waltzes will become your second nature as easy as ‘1, 2, 3…’ as you dance the night away in true Carnival style. If there is one event that combines all the pleasures and joys of the festive Venetian season, the Carnival Extravaganza is surely it!