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Rigoletto, Musica a Palazzo

Rigoletto, Musica a Palazzo

Rigoletto is an opera in three acts by Guiseppe Verdi with an Italian libretto by Francesco Maria Piave. It was first performed at La Fenice in Venice on 11 March 1851.

The main elements of the drama are passion, betrayal, filial love and revenge while the core theme is the curse that triggers the unstoppable and tragic fall of Rigoletto.

"The whole theme is in that curse which even becomes moral" (G.Verdi)

The first act is played in the Tiépolo Room of the Palazzo Barbarigo-Minotto, and the magnificent costumes by Anthony Knight inspired by the 18th century are a perfect complement for the sumptuous baroque furniture.

Rigoletto’s story develops through the halls of the Palace where candle lights create the backlighting effects of a Caravaggio painting, exalting the drama of the Opera.

The opera "Rigoletto" is a part of the cycle "Musica a Palazzo"

At the Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto you can experience the unique musical highlight “Musica a Palazzo” right on the Grand Canal in the heart of the city and offers opera lovers a feast for both the eyes and the ears.

The entertaining combination of opera performances in the historic setting of the aristocratic Barbarigo-Minotto palace revives the tradition of the salon, which since the 17th century had been a place where musicians, writers and philosophers had gathered. These popular gatherings, which met almost exclusively in private homes, often centered on a piano. The pianist was often accompanied by string instruments and one or two singers, creating a small chamber ensemble that offered the invited guests a jolly evening of entertainment.

The Musica a Palazzo ensemble is made up of extraordinarily talented artists with international reputations, who shine in even a small formation, and captivate the audience with their passionate virtuosity.

Every act, each scene is played in a different room, for example the Sala Tiepolo, which boasts an original fresco by the Venetian painter, allowing listeners to enjoy operas like La Traviata, The Barber of Seville, Rigoletto and the most beautiful romantic duets up close in the intimacy of the palace’s small rooms.