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    Venice Music Gourmet

    Venice Music Gourmet

    Some occasions, enjoyed in the company of friends and loved ones, can be absolutely wonderful, but a few are that little bit extra special. The experience offered by Venice Music Gourmet is just such an event: an evening that combines fine dining, wine and entertainment in the exquisite setting of one of the city’s most beautifully decorated private palaces.

    Venice Music Gourmet perfectly re-creates the atmosphere of the receptions that merchants and nobles of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries would arrange for their clients and guests; a night of food and music harking back to a time when Venice was, without doubt, one of Europe’s great centres for the patronage of the arts.

    The food, level of service, and attention to detail, are exceptional. An extensive buffet, which takes into account all dietary preferences, is accompanied by choice wines and offered with a full waiting and sommelier service. The dinner, exquisite yet informal, (guests are able to mill around and talk to each other while enjoying their meal) is rounded off perfectly with an espresso coffee and Italian dessert.

    On Thursdays, you can enjoy a “Jazz Venice Evening” and hear wonderful jazz arrangements of popular Italian songs (including melodies from the famous Neapolitan song tradition). Or, if you prefer, on Fridays, you can listen to the sounds of the Baroque in Venice Music Gourmet’s “Gala Vivaldi” and re-visit an age when music composed for string instruments ruled the world. Daniele, Modugno and Murolo or Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi (to name just some of the composers performed from each era): it’s your decision. The evening, which begins with cocktails at 7 p.m. followed by dinner and then the concert, concludes at approximately 9.45 p.m.

    The venue for your evening in the company of Venice Music Gourmet is the historic Palazzo Contarini della Porta di Ferro. Located in the sestiere of Castello, the Palazzo was acquired in the middle of the fifteenth century by the Contarinis, eight of whom served as the Doge (Chief Magistrate) of the City. Porta di Ferro (Iron Gate) became the nickname of the family following the installation of the Palace's impressive studded gate.

    Venice Music Gourmet is an opportunity to enjoy one of the world's most famous cities at its best; an evening of exquisite entertainment that nowhere else does quite like La Serenissima.