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    Tentazioni is a dinner cabaret that perfectly captures the darker side of Venice. Sensual and decadent, Tentazioni, which in translation means Temptations, is an experience not to be missed, a spectacle to satisfy all the senses.

    The show that is performed throughout the dinner, the creation of Nu’Art and its artistic director, Gabriele Rizzi, will send a tingle down your spine. Stunning costumes combine with dance and music to produce a visual wonder that is undeniably erotic, but which has a refinement in its execution that make this VIP entertainment of the highest order.

    You will enjoy an extravaganza that will have you utterly spellbound. Featuring a thrilling series of tableaux that includes some of the more daring elements of the circus, Tentazioni will leave you feeling a frisson of excitement more than once during the evening . Without drawing on any specific tradition, Nu’Art’s presentation is an aesthetic expression of the Venetian spirit: mysterious, dissolute and full of intrigue.

    The dinner itself, designed by the head chef of the Ristorante Wagner, is a delicious, bacchanalian feast, with exquisite dishes that look as good as they taste. A welcome aperitif, four-course meal including appetizer, starter, main course and dessert  (with drinks included), and a premium cocktail are all included in the price. A live DJ set follows the floor show.

    An evening devoted to pleasure demands a special type of venue and none could be better than the Vendramin Calergi Palace. Its famous facade, looking out onto the Grand Canal, is matched by the opulence of its sumptuous interior. Home to the Casinò di Venezia, the Palace provides the ideal surroundings for the sensational divertissements Tentazioni offers.

    The moment you enter the Palace, you will feel as if you are in another world. Guests and artistes share the same space; the traditional separation of audience and stage becomes a hedonistic playground where everyone has the best table in the house.

    Aficionados of the good things in life will not want to miss Tentazioni, an evening of indulgence like no other in the City of Masks. Those attending are encouraged to let their imaginations fly. The dress code is eccentric chic, so do dress to impress. Please note, however, that Tentazioni is strictly for over eighteens only.

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