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    Adventure Theater

    Adventure Theater

    Adventure Theater is an ingenious way of experiencing Venice: a walking tour of the city, led by actors in English, that will allow you to get underneath the skin of one of Europe's most fascinating destinations.

    Rather than simply tell you about Venice, the professional performers of Adventure Theater reconstruct enthralling episodes from La Serenissima’s rich history. You can take on a role and become part of the action or, if you prefer, be a witness to everything that happens. This being Venice, expect conspiracies, plots and general skulduggery on every corner.

    Your tour guides will thrill you with their retelling of both historical events and Venetian legends; the ideal combination for a city renowned for its sense of mystery. If you decide to be a protagonist in the tale that unfolds, you can even affect the outcome and further blur the line between fact and fiction.

    Focusing on the Cannaregio sestiere of Venice, Adventure Theater takes in many of the city’s less familiar sights. From the Palazzo Mastelli, known locally as the House of the Camel, to the statues that adorn the Campo dei Mori (Square of the Moors) this is an area many consider to be the real Venice; a district that is largely unspoilt by tourism and which reveals the Queen of the Adriatic's true character.

    However much we might enjoy visiting the world’s great destinations, there is often something missing. Discovering the people, places and stories that shaped Venice’s past fires the imagination.

    Adventure Theater is an opportunity to step out of the crowd. Nothing could be more in keeping with the spirit of Venice: a city that revelled in its secrets and whose citizens hid behind a mask. With advance booking essential, make sure that you don’t miss out on your opportunity to enjoy a Venice that is genuinely off the beaten track.

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